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Low libido can make a woman forget about all the pleasure she can get from sex. If you have low sexual drive, then you need a reminder. Fly Powder is based on an ancient formula, that gives you back the desire to have sex. If you miss the intimacy you used to have with your partner, then this is the way to get it back.

Each bottle contains 8 pills
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What does it do?
Basically, Fly Powder is the female alternative to Viagra in terms of effect. It has almost instant effect on your libido and sexual desire. Based on a chinese formula - you can feel hungry for sex 10 minutes after you've taken a pill.

Are there side effects?
There are no side effects, because it's a natural formula. The only thing is that after you take 1 pill, it will take 4-5 minutes for you to get a really strong desire for sex.

How do I take it?
Take one pill 5-10 minutes before sex, for hightened libido and pleasure.

What are the ingredients?
They contain a blend of natural herbs, that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.
• Folium Labisia Pumilia Linn - 100mg
• Rhizome Acorus Calamus - 60mg
• Folium Hippocratea Indica - 60mg
• Semen croton Caudatum - 60mg
• Semen Nigella Sativa - 35mg
• Rhizome Zingiber Officinale - 35mg


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