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A tight vagina is important for the feeling of intimacy you have during sex. If you use a spray to tighten your vagina before sex, how much more will you enjoy having sex? Because you will be claiming the intense and sensation-rich sexual experience you deserve! And you know that!

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What does it do?
Within 5 minutes after using the spray, the walls of your vagina will contract and your vagina will become naturally tight for the next 4-5 hours.

Use "Instant Virgin" on a daliy basis, and you will get permanently tight vagina after 2-4 months of use. Usually two months are enough to get a permanent effect and the progress is different for every woman. Note that the temporary effect is very strong, and you will get it from the first time you use the spray. The only reason you would need to use the spray daily is to get a permanently tighter vagina.

Are there any precautions?
Do not use if you are pregnant, or you have a skin irritation. This is a natural product, but if you have any worries, consult your doctor. He needs to know are the ingredients, in most cases he doesn't need to know what exactly is the product for.

How do I take it?
Apply a small amount of the spray to your vagina. In five minutes it will become tight for then next 4-5 hours. Use daily for permanent results.

What are the ingredients?
Aloe, glycerine, lecithin, vinegar, butylene-glycol, glycol dinitrate, diethylene..


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